This section contains web-based reading material: articles on the themes of the Gospel and Prophecy, from the past and the present. At the top right corner, and at the end of each article, will be some download links in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) and ODT (LibreOffice) formats.

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F.T. Wright

Andreas Dura

W. Race

  • His Brother’s Name
  • A beautiful revelation of the Gospel is found in the OT Law of the childless brother.
  • His Name is Wonderful
  • The divinity and humanity of Christ revealed in His name, Wonderful.
  • Jehu the Foolish Virgin
  • Ahab, Jezebel, Elijah, and Jehu represent four different classes that will be in conflict in the future.
  • Peter’s Sword
  • Only once did Jesus seem to support picking up the sword. Why?
  • The Illegitimate
  • The Gospel revealed in the OT law against the illegitimate child.
  • The Number 666, part 1
  • The first successful attempt to use gospel wisdom to unlock the 666 number.
  • The Tribe of Dan
  • The tribe of Dan is not listed in the book of Revelation when the 144,000 are made up. Why?

Meade MacGuire

A.T. Jones

E.J. Waggoner

Ellen White

Robert Brinsmead

  • The Scope of Revelation
  • A quick overview of the main divisions in the book of Revelation, and how the Heavenly Sanctuary is a key.

Edward Irving

Ellen Burns

Various Authors

Frank Zimmerman