These studies were presented at a camp meeting in California. Fred wrote:

The site for the camp in California is the best yet we have ever known. Last year was good but this was better. It was at Springs of Living Water in Chico. The place is an old resort hotel with many other little cabins scattered through the woods. It had been sold out to an evangelical group who use it for their own conventions and in turn rent it out to any group who need it except for Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses whom they declare to be non-Christian sects….

Every camp meeting has its own character. This one was remarkable for its unity of spirit and belief. Those of us who have been studying the journey of the Children of Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land know that we have come to the banks of the Jordan River where was found the last rebellion before they crossed over into the Land of Promise. At that time the Lord really cleansed and purified the camp of Israel and it is evident that He is doing the same thing at the present time. There was not one person at this camp meeting at Chico who was divergent from the message of truth or possessed a spirit of self-exaltation or of murmuring. Thus it was that the Spirit could work His will among us and the work went along very well as a result.

The great themes of study were an examination of the latest attack on the message as spearheaded by the Brinsmead people through Elder James and even more close to home by some from with in our own ranks. The great heart of this message is that the change wrought within the believer changes him in actual fact from being a sinner to a saint. Upon such there is no condemnation as told in Romans 8:1. But here comes the theory that while sin does not rein it does remain, and that therefore to be in Christ one must be able to truthfully acknowledge at the same time that he is yet an erring, helpless, condemned sinner.

Of course I am not going to attempt to answer these heresies in this letter but will do so very completely and fully at each meeting as it is held and especially at the camp in Australia. And of the camp there in California we did make such a close and thorough study of this departure from the message and all could see with clarity and distinctness that never was a doctrine more opposite to the message of living righteousness than this one.

Next we studied the Mind of Christ versus the Mind of Satan. This proved to be a very fruitful and illuminating field of study and for it we were very thankful. In the light of this we were able to understand far better the events of the last year and to recognize the nature of the activities of all concerned. With startling distinctness it could be seen that The Great Controversy in heaven was still in continuation and that the very steps taken by the arch enemy in heaven have been taken by some without any omissions or deviations. The very same problems faced by the angels in heaven over the uprising of Lucifer face the people of God today and this is a very wonderful form of education whereby we can better see the very nature of the controversy itself and thus be made sure against the devices of the enemy.

Thus we found far more than was needed to answer the situation as it stood but the Lord gives to us a super abundance of evidence to guide us in these last days so that we will be left without the least excuse if we go astray in these time. So we turned to the witness of prophecy and studied the journey of the people of Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land as the parallel of the journey of modern Israel from Babylon to the heavenly land. We did this on the basis of the clear statements in the Word of God to the affect that this is a valid parallel. And from the study of this story we were able to see that nothing has happened in the past year except it was already prophesied in the Word of God and therefore had to be. And as surely as the Lord knew it was all coming then just so surely has He made full preparation for it before it ever happened. Our task is do that which the Lord has made plain to be our duty and then leave the rest to Him who will more than fulfill the highest expectations of those who put their trust in Him.

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