California – Springs of Living Water

These studies were presented in Chico, California, from October 30 (Friday) to November 7 (Sabbath), 1970. About this meeting, Fred wrote:

The last letter closed with the story at the point where the Californian camp meeting was about to commence in Chico. On the appointed day, October 30th, the believers came together for the meetings from California mostly but with one family from Colorado. The weather at first was beautiful fall weather but toward the end of the meetings the rain came as the herald of the approaching winter. This however did not trouble us in the least as the building in which we were housed was completely self-contained and there was no need to go outside at all.

The meetings were a very blessed experience to all concerned and questions were answered which gave a power in the lives of the believers to overcome the persistent habits of the human nature which besets the life. Certain little frictions had tended to divide the believers during the years just as the apostles of Christ had suffered divisions for the same reasons, but as the studies from the Word showed the reasons for these problems then the troubles all cleared away and all went home very beautifully united in heart, spirit and life. (Newsletter, 1970)

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California – Prophetic Witnesses

These studies were presented on the Thanksgiving weekend, November 26 (Thursday) to November 28 (Sabbath) of November 1970, at Mack and Blanche McCoy’s place in Oakhurst, California. Mack and his wife were the first American believers to accept Fred’s message during his first trip to America in 1964 (this history is available in the book, A Brief History of the Early Years). Fred had already presented a full week of studies just three weeks prior in Chico, California (see the recordings above), but returned for a weekend visitAbout the meeting in November 1970, Fred writes:

Then on Thursday I returned to Oakhurst California where a weekend of meetings was planned for the thanksgiving holiday. By request, there were to follow out the theme of the reasons for our separation from the SDA Church organization. So beginning on Thursday evening and through to Sabbath we presented in their order the great prophecies which show the rise of this movement at this time with this message. The only break came during the hours of Friday when we spent but the early morning and evening hours in study. The middle part of the day was spent out in nature viewing the wonders of Yosemite National Park.

The meetings were mightily blessed and much appreciated and I suppose that they represent the most comprehensive presentation of this subject yet made. (Newsletter, November 1970)

Fred’s purpose in giving these studies was to strengthen the faith of the believers by presenting the various prophecies pointing to the rise of the Sabbath Rest Advent Church (although this name was not adopted until much later). At that time, many of the new believers came from the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and they needed to see from prophecy the justification for another movement, especially because they had been taught in their previous church, that it was the final and only church until Christ’s return.

Fred never adopted this kind of “unconditional” application of prophecy. He always warned that if we would be unfaithful, the Lord would raise another movement and another one, until He had one that would be faithful. He always believed and taught that the promises would be fulfilled to those who had the “faith of Jesus,” or as Paul the apostle stated it, “In Isaac [the child of faith] shall your seed be called” (Romans 9:7).

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  1. These messages are actually life changing. I listen to them when I go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning. No man can speak like this preacher. It testifies that God was with him.

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