Arkansas – The Character of God

These recordings, as well as a few of the other earlier ones, were taken from reel tapes, and the actual dates and locations are not 100% certain. Fred introduces these as studies on “The Character of God”. That fact would place the date at around 1975 or later. I’ve assumed them to be 1975 Arkansas, as there was no California camp in 1975.

In the September 1975 News Review, Fred wrote:

Throughout the week the subject was on nothing but the character of God. It filled the whole of the time we spent together…

From the very first we felt the very definite presence of the Spirit’s power and we rejoiced in it too. As never before we came to see and to understand that God is a Saviour and He works only to save lost and perishing humanity. We saw that all the death and destruction comes in spite of God’s efforts and never because of them.

We came to see that to condemn and to accuse is the work of the destroyer and we recognized that all of us had been guilty of doing this over the years. We rose to pledge that we would set a guard upon our lips so that we would be careful not to say one bad, condemning or criticizing word against anyone even though such accusations be altogether true, even though that person be a bad person and even though he should be our very worst enemy.

Unfortunately, only two studies have survived the passing of time.

Download: 1 2.


  • The theme of the first study was written up in a booklet and published in 1977. You can view the PDF version here: The Three Temples.
  • The theme of the second study was also printed, and published in June 1979. You can view the PDF version here: Behold Your God.