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This series is also available on video: 1983 BC Campmeeting – Philadelphian Church.

These studies were presented in the fall of 1983. Fred wrote in the September 1983 News Review as to how the theme came to him:

…when I left Australia, I had no idea of what I would present at the camp meetings around the world except for Europe, where I had to continue the study of Revelation. Furthermore, I could not see what new light could possibly come, but I did not spend a moment worrying about it, nor any time in trying to study out a message to solve the problem. I simply recognized that it was still my responsibility to go where the Lord sends me, and to preach what He gives me to preach. That is the way it has always been up to the present moment and that is the way it must ever be.

It was during the study of the Philadelphian church at the German camp meeting when the light came through which I knew must be preached at all the subsequent camp meetings. The message was thus from the Lord and not from any man, and what a blessing it consequently proved to be. For me it was a most impressive experience as well as a most encouraging one. It was marvelous to see the principles of Sabbath rest at work and to know that Christ is in fact the head of this church.

About the BC Campmeeting, he wrote:

The theme was the same as that at the German and Californian camps: the message to the Philadelphian church. It was seen that this is the exact message for this time and the one which is specially written for God’s people now.

The Laodicean message has done a great work for us in that it called us from the darkness of our condition when we were destitute of the white raiment, and the gold, and the eyesalve.

Now the Philadelphian message shows us what we have to be in order to qualify to be God’s instruments in the final struggle with the powers of darkness. It is for this reason that the Saviour is presented to the Philadelphians as the “Holy One”. Holiness needs to be defined and the Saviour is obviously the Model Man in demonstrating not only what holiness is, but also how to live a holy life in every possible circumstance.

There were also some studies devoted to the training of children, or as Fred wrote:

…the way in which the little children can qualify to be Philadelphians. When this aspect of the message was presented, the mothers applied it at once and we were all gratified to see the excellent results of the new system for training children.

Note: When Fred announces the study number, at the beginning of each study, his numbering is one less than the number shown in the playlist, because he did not count the introductory meeting, which was more of a missionary report than a study.

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