1983 BC Campmeeting – Philadelphian Church

These are the complete studies from the Canadian Camp Meeting of 1983, as presented by Fred Wright in Surrey, BC, Canada, in 1983 (September 09 to September 17).

The theme is on the Philadephian Church, as recorded in Revelation 3:7-13. The main topic is Holiness, which is defined as Faith and Obedience. This is drawn from the revelation of Christ to the church of Philadelphia as “He that is holy.”

Fred touches on many different aspects of the message of living righteousness: the new birth, prophecy, practical godliness, and the history of the church which grew up from his ministry.

The topics are as follows:

  1. The Philadelphian Church – Introduction.
  2. a) Brotherly love. b) Holiness (faith and obedience).
  3. Examples of Holiness.
  4. Obedience in the face of death. Obedience against seeming good impulses or motives.
  5. Raising children God’s way.
  6. a) Promises of Restoration for wayward Children. b) The True Science of Prayer.
  7. The True Science of Prayer (continued).
  8. The True Science of Prayer: the nobleman (John 4:46-54).
  9. The True Science of Prayer (finished).
  10. The “open door.”
  11. Jacob’s trouble.
  12. Jacob’s trouble (finished). Ahab and Jezebel: church and state.
  13. Jacob’s wrestling with the Angel: cleansing from earthliness.
  14. Trials, the spirit of self-sacrifice, Christ’s life of holiness.
  15. Christ’s childhood: an example for our children.
  16. God’s way in family difficulties.
  17. The childhood and youth of Christ: His obedience to God.
  18. The youth of Christ: how He remained holy.
  19. John the Baptist and holiness.
  20. Holiness: John the Baptist in prison, and Christ’s early ministry.
  21. The first temptation of Christ.
  22. Christ’s first and second temptation in the wilderness.
  23. The second and third temptations of Christ.
  24. The end of the temptation in the wilderness, the response of the angels, the beginning of Christ’s early ministry.
  25. Missionary work: following God’s plans.
  26. The reasons for Christ’s marriage to humanity.
  27. God’s character: the ten plagues on Egypt.
  28. Christ’s first miracle (water to wine); the cleansing of the temple.
  29. The cleansing of the temple (continued).
  30. Nicodemus.
  31. Questions and Answers.
  32. More Questions and Answers. God’s principles in building up a church.
  33. Nicodemus and the new birth.
  34. John the Baptist: “He must increase, but I must decrease.”
  35. More lessons from the life of John the Baptist.
  36. Jesus and the woman at the well.
  37. Healing the man at the pool of Bethesda.

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