How to make FolioViews Links in Slideshows

The FolioViews program is the most popular format for accessing the Ellen White writings on desktop and laptop PC’s. One person once asked me how to create hyperlinks to Folio in a Slideshow, so that by clicking the Bible or Ellen White reference, the appropriate book will pop up.

What you will need to do is create a hyperlink to the text in your Slideshow program.

To create a hyperlink in LibreOffice, select the reference text, then press Ctrl-K (or Insert->Hyperlink from the menus).

For links to Ellen White’s books

For example, suppose you wanted to link to the book Desire of Ages, page 32, starting with the text, “God’s purposes know no haste and no delay.”

  1. Type the text: DA 32.1
  2. Highlight it by dragging through it.
  3. Press Ctrl-K (or Insert->Hyperlink).
  4. Format the hyperlink like this:

    “C:\Estate\Research 2008\Folio\Views.exe” -q [Field bc:da][Field pg:32] “God’s purposes” -i “C:\Estate\Research 2008\Folio\Books\egw-comp.nfo”

    (it may appear as two lines on this page, but should be typed all as one, without any carriage returns, but only spaces between the elements)

NOTE: The paths may be different on your system.

Now let’s explain the command string:

  1. The first part is the path to the “Views.exe” program.
  2. Then comes the query starting with “-q”.
  3. [Field bc:da] means you are restricting the query to the “bookcode” with “da” (Desire of Ages).
  4. [Field pg:32] means you are restricting it further to Page 32 of that book.
  5. The text after the “pg” code defines where the page will open, which words will be highlighted. In this example we look for the text that starts with “God’s purposes”. (NOTE: You can also use [Field pr:1] to define the paragraph number.)
  6. Then comes the path to the egw folio infobase “egw-comp.nfo”. Again, check this path so that it works on your system.

Before using the string, test it out to make sure the paths are correct. Try typing it into a text editor, then select and copy it to the clipboard, open a command window, and paste it in, to see how it works. It should launch the Folio Views program, with the proper book/page/text highlighted.

For links to Bible texts

It is also possible to apply the same steps for Bible links, although the field definitions are slightly different. Here is an example for Genesis 1:1:

“C:\Estate\Research 2008\Folio\Views.exe” -q [Contents genesis][Field Chapter:1][Field Verse:1] -i “C:\Estate\Research 2008\Folio\Books\kjv.nfo”

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