05 – John Wycliffe

TWycliffehis chapter covers the story of John Wycliffe, the “morning star of the Reformation”. His voice was the first, from among the educated and powerful classes, to be heard in protest against Rome, and which Rome could not silence. He was also the first to begin the work of translating the Bible into the English language.

“Wycliffe came from the obscurity of the Dark Ages. There were none who went before him from whose work he could shape his system of reform. Raised up like John the Baptist to accomplish a special mission, he was the herald of a new era. Yet in the system of truth which he presented there was a unity and completeness which Reformers who followed him did not exceed, and which some did not reach, even a hundred years later. So broad and deep was laid the foundation, so firm and true was the framework, that it needed not to be reconstructed by those who came after him.” (The Great Controversy, p. 93).

Read online: The Great Controversy, chapter 05 – “John Wycliffe”
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