Men on the Moon

By F. T. Wright
First published in The Messenger of Living Righteousness, September 1969. This was published a few months after the American “moon landing” of July 1969.

There are some people in this world Moon Landingwho even yet, do not believe that men have actually walked on the moon. To them it is only a clever piece of science fiction. But it has been done, of that there can be no reasonable doubt.

The predominant reaction to the achievement was one of great praise and acclamation for the prowess of man. But, remarkable as this is, it does not stand out to my mind as the great thing about it all.

That which impressed itself upon my mind, far away and above the achievement of man, was the absolute reliability, certainty and consistency of the laws of God. Think of the wonder of it all.

Before those men even left the earth every detail of the journey had been calculated to the finest detail. They knew exactly how much fuel had to be burned at a certain precise rate for a certain precise length of time to thrust them into earth orbit. They knew at what precise second of time they must ignite their rocket motor again in order to launch out into deep space and on their way to the moon.

But just suppose that the laws of God in nature were capricious! Suppose that today the force of gravity was so much and tomorrow it was double that, while the next day it was less or more. If this had been so the trip would have been an impossibility. Even small variations would have rendered the success of the mission to be out of the question.

Those men had to have laws which could be absolutely trustworthy and the Lord provided them. He provided them when He made the worlds. But we are so apt to take them for granted, that when an outstanding achievement takes place such as this one, wherein the whole thing is the most marvelous revelation of the accuracy and consistency of the laws of God, we see in it instead the cleverness of puny man.

But which, think you now is the more wonderful? the great laws of a great God, or the puny men who ride to success on those laws?



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