God is in Control

When the Tsunami hit Japan in March 2011, the phrase “God is in control” was mentioned quite often by religious folk. It is not entirely clear what is meant by that. It could mean anything from “nothing happens without God’s permission” to “God manipulates every single event, good or evil, from the smallest to the greatest.” Some of the ideas carried in this phrase, if carried to their logical end, would make God the author of evil.

I believe that God’s law holds the key to a correct understanding of God’s actions. His law is a transcript of His character. The Law is “holy, just, and good”, “righteous”, “pure”. And so God is also the same.

Jesus delighted “to do God’s will, for the law” was in His heart. God’s will and His Law are synonymous.

I would lay it out like this:

  1. God’s character is righteous.
  2. Righteousness is defined in His Law.
  3. Love is the fulfilling of the Law.
  4. Love works no ill to its neighbor.

…and therefore, God works no ill to His neighbor. This also means that God was not the author of the Tsunami. However, the forces that were unleashed in that disaster originally were created and put on the earth by God, and they are held in their proper places, as much as is possible, by God.

Sin, the transgression of the law, is an antagonistic power, a misuse or corruption of the powers that God has given. Every sin brings a deepening curse upon the earth, because it unleashes the powers around us in ways that were never intended. Sin breaks down the control, and separates God from us. As God withdraws from those who don’t want Him, the powers of nature are no longer held in their places.

In the book of Revelation, the angels are described as “holding the winds” (Revelation 7:1), and eventually having to loose their hold because of the increasing sin.

Man is sowing a final harvest of destruction now, with the wild disregard of law and loss of self-control. As part of mankind, we must recognize our part in bringing destruction upon our own heads. This recognition would open the door for repentance and the restoration of God’s control.

Nothing is more important in this time, than to have our eyes opened to our violation of the Law of God and the laws of nature, and to reform our lives so that we do not partake in those sins.