1984 BC Campmeeting – Laodicean Message

These are the complete studies from the Canadian Camp Meeting of 1984, as presented by Fred Wright in Crescent Beach, BC, Canada, in 1984 (August 24 to September 01).

The theme is on the History and Prophecies concerning the Laodicean Message and the movement that grew up around Fred Wright’s ministry.

In the middle of the series, Fred devotes 3 or 4 studies to recounting his personal experience, and the turbulent history of the Seventh-day Adventist church during the 1940’s to 1960’s. There is a lot of important historical information in these rare video studies.

The topics are as follows:

  1. Introduction to the Laodicean message.
  2. The Great Disappointment in 1844.
  3. The Laodicean condition and the Old Covenant.
  4. The White Robe and the Judgment.
  5. The prophecy of Daniel 8:14.
  6. The perfection of the saints.
  7. Prophecies: “The Two Days of Opportunity.”
  8. “The Two Days of Opportunity,” continued.
  9. “The Two Days of Opportunity” finished. Beginning of “The Two Calls to the Marriage” or the wedding parable of Matthew 22.
  10. “The Two Calls to the Marriage” continued.
  11. “The Two Calls to the Marriage” finished.
  12. “The Wise and Foolish Virgins” (Matthew 25:1-10).
  13. “The Wise and Foolish Virgins” continued.
  14. “The Shaking”.
  15. Parable of the Net (Matthew 13:47-50).
  16. Fred’s personal history: early life and conversion.
  17. Fred’s personal history: conflicts with the SDA church in New Zealand, history of the Adventist Evangelical Conference, Wieland and Short’s “1888 Re-Examined”, and the rise of the Brinsmead Awakening.
  18. Fred’s personal history: last year as a teacher at the New Zealand Missionary College, time as a farm-worker on a sheep and cattle ranch, and the calling of God to full-time ministry.
  19. Fred’s personal history: experience of being disfellowshipped from the SDA church, the growth of his ministry in New Zealand and Australia, and his first trip to America.
  20. Fred’s personal history: his trip to America, and then to Africa, buying the first printing press in Palmwoods, his first trip to Germany, the growth of the work in America, and the first struggles with organization.
  21. Fred’s personal history: the principles of church organization, and how those became established in the movement, which led to the discarding of the common system of committees and voting.
  22. Fred’s personal history: the principles of Gospel Order, the necessity of following the truth, even unto separation from error and from churches teaching error.
  23. Questions and Answers: the 144,000, the curse on Ham, the antitype of the atonement on the scapegoat.
  24. Questions and Answers: the scapegoat / fit man, the principles about spiritual/physical Israel (Romans 11), the abomination of desolation / teaching that Christ came in sinless flesh, the image and stone of Daniel 2.
  25. The principles of freedom from the bondage of sin.
  26. The law in the book of Galatians (the old and new covenants).
  27. The law in the book of Galatians (continued).
  28. Questions and Answers: health laws and the Gospel, temptation after the new birth, rebuking sin and “sighing and crying” for the abominations done in the earth.
  29. Principles of Sabbath Rest.
  30. The Gospel of Health.
  31. Child Salvation.
  32. Child Salvation (continued): Jesus as a child.
  33. Child Salvation (continued): Jesus as a youth.
  34. Child Salvation (continued): the role of the parents.

Instructions for using the Player:

  1. Click the “Play All” button in the center of the window.
  2. To choose a certain study, click the “Playlist” word in the upper left corner and scroll to the study you want, then click on it.

Original AVI Files

If anyone would like the original AVI files (which might be a bit better quality than YouTube), I have set up a password-protected page for downloading them. The reason for the password is to prevent mass-downloading, which, because of the size of these files (about 700mb each), could cause my website host to complain!

Please note that there are also a number of different add-ons for the Firefox web browser (there are similar add-ons for the other browsers also) that you can use to download the files directly from YouTube. The quality is only slightly lower, but not so noticeable.

Click here to obtain the original AVI files (contact me first for the password).

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