The Desire of Ages

JesusHere are presentions on the life of Christ, drawn from the book, The Desire of Ages, by Ellen G. White. They are only rough outlines, raising certain key points, but may be of use to those studying this marvelous book.

The presentations were originally developed during an international Missionary Seminar held in our church center in Germany. The bulk of them were prepared in PowerPoint by our minister, Andreas Dura; although there are also a few by the students (who had to each take a chapter and present it from the front of the class).

I am sharing them here, as PNG images of each slide, which you can browse on the site (or download by right-clicking and saving each image). I will also offer a download link to an ODP file (the LibreOffice/OpenOffice equivalent of Microsoft’s PowerPoint).

The rationale for studying the life of Jesus Christ, on a website devoted to prophecy, is that this is exactly what prophecy is all about: revealing the character of God as presented through Christ.

Many of the Old Testament prophecies pointed forward to Jesus’ time, as a significant milestone in the struggle between good and evil. The life, death and resurrection dealt a deadly blow to Satan’s kingdom. To grasp this better, please read the article, “God’s Character: A Key to Prophecy” which is on this site. Jesus showed us how evil is to be overcome, and so His life provides the key to understanding the role of His church in the final events.

But the battle did not end after Christ’s resurrection. The same weapons He used, must be used again by His church, under His guidance, and this will bring on the final scenes recorded in the last half of the book of Revelation.

Therefore the life of Christ is the most important study to prepare for the understanding of prophecy. It is the blueprint, the pattern, and the way. It is the most important and essential study for this time, and nothing must distract us from the contemplation of that greatest of all lives.


Here are some charts and tables that may be useful in a study of the Life of Christ.

The Ministry of Our Lord

This is a chart that shows the main events in the 3 1/2 years of ministry of Jesus Christ. The chart also marks the seasons, the years, the festivals, and the particular areas that Jesus’ ministry was divided into (ie. Judean, Galilean, Peraean, etc.): PNG, PDF, PDF for Poster Printing.

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