Australia – Walls

These studies were presented at the yearly camp meeting in Australia, September 21 to 25. This was the first full camp-meeting after the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. So the first few studies were devoted to a review of the relevant prophecies that foretold the struggle between Islam and America. The camp was presented by Andreas Dura, who wrote in the September/October 2001 News Review:

At this camp we began our studies with a consideration of the attack of the king of the South against the king of the North. We explored why Islam is the king of the South and what the result of the counter attack of the king of the North will be. We need to be very aware of the present political events, but the most important thing is our own preparation for the final events. Although the current events do not directly affect us, the indirect but constant message is: “Get ready.”

The studies on prophecy took up one day. The next day we began with the camp theme of this year: the breaking down of the middle wall and the erection of the wall Christ wants to build around His people. Even though we had to condense the presentation a little, we trust that by re-studying the message the believers will receive the same light as all the other believers throughout the world field.

So the essential theme of this camp, as with many others presented in this year, was the revealing of those walls which we build against God (and others) to hide our sin, which need to be broken down, and the true walls that God wants to build in us against sin. It was alternatively titled, “The peace of the world, and the peace of Christ.”

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There are some diagrams available that go with some of the studies. The corresponding list of diagrams with slides is as follows (I’m still working on getting the diagrams together…hang on!):
Study 5 & 6 – Slide 1
Study 7 – Slide 2-4
Study 8 – Slide 5-6
Study 9 – Slide 6-12
Study 10 – Slide 25, 30
Study 11 – Slide 31, 26-29, 11
Study 12 – Slide 12
Study 13 – Slide 16, 17, 36
Study 14 – Slide 17, 21, 18-20
Study 15 – Slide 18-20, 13-15
Study 16 – Slide 37-39 (Treasure and Vessel)